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7 Things a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee

7 Things a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee These days, its a lot harder to find examples of great leadership than schwimmbad. Everyone has quirks that give them a unique management style, but sometimes a bad babo is just a bad anfhrer.How should a anfhrer treat employees? Is it okay for a manager to yell at an employee? There are lots of red flags that signify bad management, but there are some things that bosses should never do regardless of the circumstance. Here are the four things a boss should never say to an employee.4 Things a Boss Should Never Say to an Employee1. Youre doing a bad job.When a supervisor criticizes an employee in public, its a sign of bad leadership. Your boss criticism might be valid, but choosing to put you in a situation where youre taken down a peg in front of your coworkers highlights your boss poor decision-making skills. No reasons, logic, rationalizations, or excuses make it okay to publicly embarrass colleagues or subordinates, Alan Goldman, a professor of management, wrote for Psychology Today. The act of publicly demeaning employees is toxic, and it ultimately seeps into organizational culture.Toxic behavior creates a toxic workplace. A good manager should look out for their team and focus on their well-being they dont go out of their way to make their employees uncomfortable or jeopardize their professional identity within the office.2. I dont care about your opinion.Whether youre an entry-level assistant or a senior manager, your opinion should matter. Your manager doesnt need to base the entire company strategy around what you think, but she does need to acknowledge your input, whether youre coming to her with an idea or want to try to resolve a work issue. She should never tell you what you think doesnt matter.3. That doesnt involve me.Youre not an island, and if youre having a work-related issue, your manager should know about it and work with you and anyone else involved to address it. If you come to her with a pr oblem and she wants to stay out of it, then shes not doing her job.4. Youre lucky to work here.No matter where you work or how well-compensated you are, a manager should never use the fact that you have a highly-coveted role against you. She should never attempt to end a discussion by telling you that you dont deserve to have problems because you should feel grateful to have the job you do. Instead, she should listen to you and try to make you feel comfortable in your role and at the company.5. Its out of my control.Imagine this your boss consistently praises your work and gives you a glowing performance review. In response, you ask for a raise and your boss... does a 180 and tells you no. Not because your work isnt good enough, but because they arent comfortable going to talk to their boss about it. Infuriating, right? A crucial part of being a good manager is recognizing and rewarding good work. If your boss exhibits a regular pattern of favoritism and doesnt match incentives with good performance, start prepping your resume.6. Its your fault.Even when you disagree with your co-workers, its important to remember that you are all on the same team. Your boss needs to remember that too. In the event that poor feedback is directed at your boss or at your team as a whole, your boss should never deflect it to a specific employee so they can save themselves. According to BambooHRs recent survey, 55% of employees will leave their job if a boss wont stand up for them and 53% of employees will leave if their boss focuses on only their weaknesses. How would any team function without half its staff?7. I dont trust you.There are several ways your boss shows a lack of trust in their employees. Micromanaging, refusing to give you all the information you need, and disbelieving what you say are all signs that your boss is uncomfortable with giving you the freedom you need to do your job. Employees cant thrive if they arent given the room to do so, and your manager should und erstand that. (Especially because they have a boss of their own)Can an Employer Threaten Your Job?In short, yes. However, even in the case of at-will employment, many employers will offer a warning and trial period for improvement before terminating an employee. If your boss threatens your job in anger or without reason, shes contributing to a toxic work environment that is uncomfortable for you and the people around you.Being a good manager may be hard, but its necessary to the function of a team. Managers are tasked with resolving conflicts, leading a team in the right direction, motivation and so much more. Without good managers nothing would get done.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Entry Level Resume Summary

The Number One Question You Must Ask for Entry Level Resume Summary The Meaning of Entry Level Resume Summary You need to understand the way to make the utmost effective entry level resume summary as you find it possible to deliver to the company and give good first effect about yourself, learn it here. Consider entry level resume summary for a tool, which you may strategically generates to be able to goal a specific job and to win ones heart of the organization. The trick is to broaden your scope a little in regards to the term experience. When sending the entry level resume summary you will need to handle the very best person responsible for the selection. The Pain of Entry Level Resume Summary Your entry level resume is a significant advertising and marketing tool which will help you get interviews so you are going to have the chance to prove what you could do, even without plenty of formal job experience. Your experience level will have an effect on your pay. Most folks will at least try to have some appropriate expertise in the work field theyre attempting to enter. If you dont have previous housekeeping experience, you will need to use examples from your other professional experiences or personal life to show that youll be an important worker. Life After Entry Level Resume Summary You ought to be in a position to brag a little here. Your summary of qualifications should incorporate a wonderful selection of examples which make your resume really stick out. You have to offer relevant, concise details. Apparently, it displays pertinent contact info and a summary of your abilities and experience. Then suggest ways to provide help. It is not unusual for resumes to incorporate an objective statement at the peak of the document. To start with, and very obviously, you should delight in writing. What You Should Do to Find Out About Entry Level Resume Summary Before Youre Left Behind ur resume builder will provide you with tips and examples on how best to compose your resume summary. Be certain your resume destroys that average with a good format. Instead, you may use the functional layout instead of the standard chronological layout. Employing an online resume builder is a powerful tool to assist you compose a winning resume. Resume creators enable jobseekers to make and download their finished resumes right from the net to get started applying straight away. Check to ensure youre providing all of the info required and clearly define your skill sets concerning application requirements. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Entry Level Resume Summary There are lots of resources available on how to a great resume summary, but its tough to find decent ideas for how to do it if do not have any work experience. Another plan is to get recommendations from some other people about your abilities and dependability. Contrary to what some people today say, summaries are not just written in resumes that cou ld boast of experiences. Now, the above mentioned examples are obviously of the more prevalent variety in regards to how folks pursue careers in their chosen fields.

Friday, January 3, 2020

The Best Mobile Apps for Busy HR Professionals

The Best Mobile Apps for Busy HR ProfessionalsSavvy HR professionals know mobile is here to stay. With 85 percent of Americans owning a cell phone and 45 percent of those owners owning a smartphone, mobile recruiting is on the rise. According to a 2011 survey, 19 percent of those surveyed said they use mobile devices for career-seeking activities, with 50 percent stating they could imagine doing so in the future.The audience for mobile activity is large and growing even more with the use of tablet devices. But what are the benefits of using mobile apps for your HR needs? Well, it makes it easy to continue working on-the-go because youre not tied down to a program accessible only in your office. Not to mention, 80 percent of employees use their mobile devices for work, so if youre seeking to reach your employees more effectively, mobile might be the way to go.Here are some apps for HR professionals looking to take their work on-the-go.Vortex ConnectNeed to manage shift changes, employ ee schedules and time and attendance issues while out of the office? Vortex Connect offers a series of mobile apps meant to do just that. With their Mobile Shift Connect, Mobile Employee Connect and Mobile Manager Connect apps, you have full visibility of your team on your smartphone with real-time views of employee requests, time cards, violations and scheduling.WorkDayToday, nearly everything is on the cloud and WorkDay is no different. WorkDay delivers enterprise cloud applications for business functions including human capital management, which is great for HR pros on-the-go. With WorkDay, users have access to HR and talent management features at their fingertips, including onboarding, goal management, performance management, succession planning, and career and development planning.Spark HireWe recently launched a mobile app version of our video interviewing platform for the iPhone and Android. Employers can now present multiple text-based questions to job seekers who, in turn, respond with short video answers. These video answers can then be viewed by you anywhere and at any time. The app also allows you to view and respond to job applications and classify your top prospects. Its interviewing on the godiversityDNALooking for a one-stop shop on diversity training at a low cost? diversityDNA might be for you. This free app provides essential insights into how cultural differences impact workplace conduct. Using a cultural DNA profile, this series of short, visually-compelling and voiced-over videos describes important ways in which we differ in values, beliefs, norms and assumptions. If youve found yourself with limited time and resources, diversityDNA might be a great way to train your staff.HR at Your FingertipsEver find yourself forgetting the key terms and federal laws surrounding human resources? HR at Your Fingertips is for the newbie and veteran HR professionals alike. The $1.99 app houses a glossary of more than 270 terms and definitions of key con cepts for easy reference. If youre thinking, I know my concepts, why would I need this app?, HR at Your Fingertips also includes sections on HR laws such as employee eligibility and compliance standards and how-to guides for writing company policies and handbooks.These apps are great resources to get started, but Im sure there are more innovative mobile apps on the horizon.Are there other features youd like to see in HR-specific mobile apps?IMAGE Courtesy of Flickr by Cory M. Grenier

Sunday, December 29, 2019

How to Build a Strong Medical Resume

How to Build a Strong Medical ResumeHow to Build a Strong Medical ResumeHow to Build a Strong Medical ResumeHealthcare and medical jobs offer a steady income and a chance to build a career thats focused on helping people.Like almost any field, you will face competition for job opportunities, so its crucial to have a medical resume that stands out from the rest. Otherwise, yur resume may quickly end up being rejected. The following tips and advice from the health care educators at Carrington College can help job applicants create a strong medical resume that makes a favorable impression and increases the chance of being called in for an interview. Benefits of an Effective Medical Resume.Job applicants in the medical and healthcare field only have about 5 minutes to make a positive impression on prospective employers through their resume. Generally, it only takes employers 30 seconds to look over a resume and determine whether or not it is worth contacting the applicant. Successful hea lthcare resumes provide employers with easy-to-read, relevant details about the applicants experience, skills and education. ansicht resumes should not have any errors or inaccurate information listed on them, which can lead to an immediate rejection. Important Medical Resume Traits.Job applicants can set up their medical resume in a number of ways, but the most successful approach is to provide information in chronological order. This allows employers to easily go through the details listed on the resume to quickly decide whether or not to call the applicant in for an interview. A chronological resume lists information, such as education and employment history, in order with the most recent information first. Including bullet points can also make a healthcare resume easier for employers to glance over to find relevant information. Creating a Relevant Medical Resume.Job applicants should avoid sending out the same resume for different punkts. The information included on the medical resume might be effective for one position or company, but not for others. Instead, healthcare resumes should provide specific information that most closely matches what each position requires. Each resume should have certain elements, such as a summary, an education section, an employment history section, relevant experience, and a list of licenses or certifications. Resumes should be one or two pages long and include detailed information prior experience in the medical industry. Experience in non-medical industries can be included if it is relevant to the position. Job applicants should also make sure to determine whether to send a resume or a curriculum vitae (CV), depending on the type of position being applied for. Certain jobs ask for a more detailed CV, while others ask for a resume. Medical Job Interviews.Job applicants who send in strong medical resumes should be prepared to make another favorable impression during the interview. Those who are called in for a job interview in the medical and health care field should wear a professional outfit and ensure that they are well-groomed. Scrubs and casual outfits are not considered appropriate for job interviews. Following up with a thank you note after the interview is pivotal to making a positive and lasting impression on prospective employers.Need help with your healthcare resume? Take advantage of our free critique today

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How to Find a Talent Agent to Boost Your Media Career

How to Find a Talent Agent to Boost Your Media CareerHow to Find a Talent Agent to Boost Your Media CareerFinding a talent werber who will help your media career involves more than doing an Internet search or making a single phone call. Once you consider the pros and cons of hiring a talent agent, ask yourself some critical questions before choosing an agent. Deciding to find a talent agent can boost your media career. You just have to know what youre getting into first. Where Do You Want to Take Your Career? You may dream of being a million-dollar star news anchor on one of the broadcasting networks. Or your goal may be to become the best-known TV reporter in your hometown. Someone who wants to get to the network will likely have to criss-cross the country, building a career at stations in progressively larger DMAs. A talent agent can help you find and get jobs in unfamiliar cities where he has contacts. But if you want to stay close to home, investigate whether an agent is wort h the trouble. Chances are, youll know the people at the TV stations better than he will. A talent agent may not be very interested in helping someone who wants to stay put. That reduces his ability to make money. Will You Get Personal Attention? If you are handing over 5% to 10% of your salary, you deserve to get personal attention from your talent agent. But there are some agents who serve dozens of clients. That may mean they have little incentive to get to know you. Whats worse, some agents have a reputation of pitching several clients for the same job opening. Its true that some stations may have a preference for a certain physical appearance in their next hire, so an agent is presenting several people. But that agent is forcing you to compete with several of his clients when youre expecting him to tell a TV news director that you are the one for the job. Maybe the personal attention you seek is not in finding a job, but in negotiating your contract. In that case, it may no t matter how many clients an agent has, just as long as you can get him on the phone when its time to sign a deal. Remember, most agents charge less if all they do is work the deal, versus finding you the job. Are Your Skills Ready for a Talent Agent to Market? A 22-year-old college graduate may want a talent agent, so she can brag to all her classmates that shes made it in the media business. That mindset will likely lead to disappointment. A talent agent is constantly juggling clients across the country. Some will be a high-priced talent who can command the attention of top station and network executives, while others will be tomorrows up-and-coming stars. A rookie reporter will have a hard time fighting for an agents attention, even if she does get signed. If she lands a job with a $30,000 contract, she could give up $3,000 to her agent. Thats a lot of money to her, but not a lot to him. Its best to have a few years of experience so that the agent has a solid resume of perfor mance to use in finding that person a new job. Some agents will offer to critique your work. But if your station has a TV consultant, you can get the same advice for free. Before you jump at the chance to sign with a talent agent, check references, ask a lot of questions and try to negotiate the terms of payment. If it sounds like youre hiring somebody, you are. The time you spend considering your options will help you make the best choice including deciding if you need an agent at all.

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Operations Analyst Job Description

Operations Analyst Job DescriptionOperations Analyst Job DescriptionOperations Analyst Job DescriptionThis operations analyst sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.Operations Analyst Job ResponsibilitiesAccomplishes business objectives by identifying and solving customer information and processing problems.Operations Analyst Job DutiesIdentifies project requirements by interviewing customers analyzing operations determining project scope documenting results preparing customer contracts.Develops problem solutions by describing requirements in a work-flowchart and diagram studying system capabilities analyzing alternative solutions preparing system specifications writing programs.Develops project estimates by identifying phases and elements, personnel requirements, and costs.Verifies results by comp leting tests.Prepares customers to use system by conducting training.Provides reference for customers by writing documentation providing support and help.Maintains systems by researching and resolving problems maintaining system integrity and security.Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.Prepares reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops reviewing professional publications establishing personal networks benchmarking state-of-the-art practices participating in professional societies.Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.Operations Analyst Skills and QualificationsProblem Solving, Quality Focus, General Consulting Skills, Project Management, Process Improvement, Client Relationships, Reporting Skills, Networking Knowledge, Networking Standards, Technical Zeal, Job KnowledgeEmployers Post a job in minutes to reac h candidates everywhere. Job Seekers Search Operations Analyst Jobs and apply on now. Learn more aboutthe hiring processVideo How to Conduct an InterviewMake the most of Hiring ToolsMaximize your Job Description Results

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Overview of Navy Enlistment Bonuses

Overview of Navy Enlistment BonusesOverview of Navy Enlistment BonusesLike the other services, the Navy offers enlistment extra incentives to encourage applicants to join. The value of incentives can vary, and theyre usually not open to every rating (the Navys word for a job). Typically wherever the Navy has a shortage of personnel or anticipates a need for a particular area will be the areas where bonuses are offered. There are career bonuses for remaining in a high-demand, underpopulated Navy rating as well. How to Qualify for a Navy Bonus Most of the Navys bonuses can be combined, so if youre fluent in a language the Navy needs and you sign up for a job that offers its own specific bonus, you may be able to collect two bonuses. To qualify for most of the Navys bonuses, recruits have to agree to longer active duty enlistment contracts, usually adding a year. Some programs which require five or six-year enlistment periods dont require enlistment extensions to qualify for bonuses . Here are some of the bonuses available to new recruits as enlistment incentives. Language Proficiency Bonus Sailors who demonstrate proficiency in a critical language can earn a bonus of up to $12,000. To qualify, the sailor must score at least 2.2 on the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), prior to graduating basic training. Usually, the sailor must enlist in one of the following ratings builder (BU), construction electrician (CE), construction mechanic (CM), engineering aide (EA), equipment operator (EO), worker (SW), utilities man (UT), or hospital corpsman (HM). All of these require a five-year enlistment. There may be more added to this list so check with your recruiter to see what other ratings may qualify. Recruits must show the required proficiency in a language where the Navy designates a need. This list changes occasionally, but there has been demand for Middle Eastern languages such as Pashtu, Afghan, Arabic (numerous dialects), Punjabi, Hindi, and Farsi in re cent years. Again, its best to consult a Navy recruiter for the most updated list. Special Warfare/Special Operations Bonus Applicants who enlist in special operations and special warfare programs and achieve an advanced score on the applicable physical screening test (PST) during basic training will receive a $2,000 bonus upon graduation from basic training. The ratings that qualify for this bonus include explosive ordnance disposal technicians (EOD) Navy divers (ND) and special warfare operator (SO). If the sailor washes out of training, they will retain this bonus. However, if they make it through training their regular enlistment bonus will be reduced by the amount of the PST bonus. Enlistment Bonuses for Specific Ratings The Navy Enlistment Bonus Program provides a monetary enlistment bonus for Navy recruits who enlist in specific ratings, usually ones where there is a shortage of personnel, and whoship out to basictraining during specific time periods.?? Repayment o f Navy Bonuses Its important to be aware that if a recruit doesnt fulfill the terms of their enlistment for which they received a bonus, they will be required to pay the Navy back. The amount will be prorated and will depend on how much service time is left in the sailors contract.